Why To Make Cow Dung Compost

If you want to recycle and utilize cow waste again, especially produce organic fertilizer from cow dung, composting is a necessary step. Thus, what benefits can composting bring to cow manure for fertilizer manufacturing? It is mainly shown in three aspects:

How to decompose cow dung quickly?

Complete harmless process of cow manure

The reason why cow manure cannot be used as fertilizer directly is that it contains many harmful bacteria and pest eggs. This will cause serious damage to animal breeding and crop growth. But during composting, high temperature will kill these harmful substances in cow dung. Moreover, after fermentation, the smelly odor of cattle waste will also disappear. So you can use cow manure as fertilizer without any harm.

Cow manure compost making
Cow manure compost making
Wheel type composting machine for large scale cattle waste disposal
Wheel type composter for large scale cattle waste disposal

Make nutrients in cattle poop easier to absorb

Cattle manure is an ideal material for organic fertilizer production because it is rich in nutrients which are necessary for the growth of crops and plants. However, some  nutrients exist in a form that is difficult to absorb. Such as cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin matter, etc. But fermentation can decompose them into humus, which is convenient for utilization and absorption.

Generate many things which are beneficial for crop growth

In addition, in the process of cow dung compost making, there will generate a large amount of microbial metabolites, such as antibiotics and proteins. They are also greatly beneficial for the growth of crops and plants.

Therefore, it is essential to compost cattle manure before using it as fertilizer. It is the same as the organic fertilizer production of chicken manure, pig waste, goat dung, etc. Moreover, in order to ferment organic material well, SX designs a variety of fertilizer compost machines for your choice. Including large scale compost turner, small scale compost machine, windrow compost turner, etc. And we can provide you with free project design according to your requirements. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us for customized compost fertilizer making business plan for you.

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