What Is The Difference Between Mechanical Fermentation And Natural Composting

With the increasing demand for organic fertilizer and requirement of animal manure disposal, more and more people choose to make manure into organic fertilizer. In this process, composting usually plays an important role. Because it will kill harmful substances in animal manure, such as harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds, etc. For this, there are usually two methods for your choice. Using compost machine and natural composting. What is the difference between mechanical fermentation and natural composting? Which fermentation method is more suitable for you?

How to compost organic fertilizer faster and better?

3 Difference between using compost machine and natural composting

Composting Time

In general, under natural conditions, organic fertilizer fermentation will take you 2 months, or even three months. However, fertilizer compost machine can greatly shorten the fermentation time. As long as operating compost making machine according to the instructions, you can finish farm manure composting within 15-20 days.

Organic fertilizer composting principle
Organic fertilizer composting principle
Organic fertilizer compost making effect
Organic fertilizer mechanical fermentation making effect

Fermentation effect

In addition, natural fermentation easily leads to uneven and incomplete fermentation. In this way, the organic fertilizer you produce still contains many harmful substances. And when used, it may cause secondary fermentation to burn the roots and the seedlings. But composting turning machine will turn organic materials regularly supply oxygen and dissipate excessive heat. These are beneficial for creating a suitable environment for better aerobic fermentation of organic fertilizer. The composted organic fertilizer will no longer stink and can supply nutrients for crop growth without harmfulness.


Then the compost machine also can help you reduce the cost of organic waste composting in the long term running. For one thing, it can greatly decrease the cost of your labor force. When using SX compost equipment, only one worker, it can make compost fertilizer from organic waste quickly and easily. In addition, with the help of compost making machine, you can process more organic waste into compost within the same time. So you can earn more money.

Composting machine for organic fertilizer making
Composting machine for organic fertilizer making

The above is the difference between mechanical fermentation and natural composting. Therefore, in the process of organic fertilizer making, we recommend you choose to process organic waste with professional compost machine. And SX, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, can provide various fermentation machines for your choice. Such as groove type compost turner, windrow compost machine, in-vessel fermentation tank, etc. You are sure to find the one you want.

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