How Does Compost Machine Make Fertilizer Fermentation Faster

If you want to process manure into organic fertilizer, composting is a necessary process for you. Because it will eliminate harmful substances in manure and make it suitable for organic fertilizer production. Here, if you want to compost organic waste faster and better, compost machine is an ideal choice for you. Why? How does compost machine make organic fertilizer fermentation faster?

How to choose suitable composting machien for you?

Supply oxygen

In manure composting, most people prefer to aerobic fermentation method. And as the name suggests, it is a process which makes use of oxygen to prepare organic fertilizer compost. So the oxygen supply is essential for it. During fertilizer compost machine working, it will turn the material and make it fully contact with oxygen. Therefore, microorganisms in manure will get enough power to decompose organic matter.

Wheel type composting machine for large scale fertilizer fermentation
Wheel type composting machine for large scale fertilizer fermentation
Groove type compost turner for small scale manure fermentation
Groove type compost machine for small scale manure fermentation

Crush big agglomerate

In general, animal manure contains much big agglomerate, which has a small area contract with oxygen. This will reduce the fermentation effect and prolong composting time. But if you use compost turning machine in manure fermentation, it will break it into a smaller size. So it will have a larger contact area with oxygen and finish organic fertilizer fermentation quickly.

Dissipate excessive heat

Temperature of material plays an important role in organic compost fertilizer production. Because when it is higher than 60℃, it can kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in manure. This makes animal manure suitable for organic fertilizer making without harmfulness. But when the material temperature is higher than 75℃, it will kill beneficial bacteria in manure. But when compost machine works to turn manure, the excessive heat of material can be dissipated and its air permeability also can be increased.

Crawler type windrow compost turner in SX
Crawler type windrow compost turner in SX
Animal manure composting with moving type compost equipment
Animal manure composting with moving type compost equipment

Reduce excessive moisture

Fresh animal manure is a mixture of solids and liquid, so it usually has a high moisture content. But too high water content will inhabit the activity of microorganisms. Therefore, it is advisable to keep it between 45% and 65%. Then as the above mentioned, when the compost machine works, the temperature and air permeability will both increase. So you can finish moisture content adjustment easily and have a better fermentation of organic manure.

Mix organic materials

In general, in order to realize nutrients balance, you need to use various materials to make fertilizer compost. And in order to nake organic fertilizer compost faster, most organic fertilizer manufacturers will choose to add fermentation bacteria to it. However, if these additives want to play their due role, it is essential to mix them evenly. Compost machine can fully meet the requirement.

Vertical in-vessel fermentation pot for sale
Vertical in-vessel fermentation pot for sale

From the above introduction, we can know that composting macine is the key equipment for manure composting. But becacuse of different conditions of compost manufactures, there are different requirements for composting machine. SX, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacture, especially design various compost machines for organic fermentation faster for your choice. You’re sure to find the one you’re looking for.

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