How To Make Palm Bunch Ash Fertilizer In Indonesia

In Indonesia, fertilizer is important for farming and still relies on imports. But, here is a large amount of palm tree plantation and rich source of urea. They can help you make quality fertilizer. A customer seizes the opportunity, so inquired about how to make palm bunch ash fertilizer in Indonesia. On 2nd April 2024. According … Read more

How To Start Organic Waste Compost Production In Mexico

100 TPD hydraulic windrow compost machine working

On 25th February 2024, a customer from Mexico inquired solutions for organic waste disposal. How to manage cow manure, garden waste, etc environmentally? About 100 t/day. Here, making organic waste into fertilizer is an ideal choice. You can use the fertilizer to create a suitable environment for shrimp farming. As a beginner for organic waste to fertilizer, … Read more